Chef Eric Stevens - restaurant consulting, catering/private chef services, cooking classes as well as other culinary adventures.
eric stevens
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About Me

Executive Chef of Godai Restaurant, I have spent my life traveling and working in kitchens for the past 21 years, In this time I have created a strong creative flair, and dedication to the culinary arts, nutrition, and sustainability.

At the age of 23, I opened my first restaurant The Grapevine, in Bellingham, WA. USA, with a focus on fine dining Vegan cuisine. Since then I have been involved in many ventures in the United States and abroad, Including working in many award winning restaurants.


I am very excited about my new venture in the north of Bucharest Romania. Godai Restaurant is Based on the philosophy of bringing the primal elements of the universe to the diners table. Focused on Pan Asian flavours, authentic ingredients and modern techniques . As well as managing the staff in accordance with the Fair Kitchen philosophy and working our utmost toward sustainability in our kitchens by working with local suppliers and producing everything we can from scratch.


It has been a great learning experience to bring this restaurant to life from concept to¬† the design of the kitchen to the finished details of the food on the plates…


Traditionally trained in classic and contemporary french cuisine. I am still focused on the classic techniques. I would describe my cuisine as world eclectic. With a focus on experimentation and bringing the flavours of the world to customers that may not have had a chance to travel to the places the cuisine originated.

In addition to running the restaurant I also continue to provide restaurant consulting, catering/private chef services, cooking classes as well as other culinary adventures.

I am not limited to just cooking but also adept at kitchen management, menu development, event planning/catering, inventory purchasing/control, and budgeting.

Expert knowledge and experience in a diverse range of cuisines and speciality diets including but not limited to; classical and contemporary French, classical and contemporary Italian, contemporary American, Latin and Mexican American, Japanese (including sushi), Pacific Fusion, Pan Asian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Kosher, and Raw Food.

Highly skilled in creating eye and taste appealing recipes and menus, while maintaining the integrity of the main ingredients.

Over 1200 unique original recipes from my own restaurants and places of employment.

HACCP standards of sanitation and cleanliness, and food safety.

Proven ability to effectively handle multi-task levels of responsibility with minimal direction from superiors while supervising personnel, providing team leadership, motivation, and development.

Results-driven with extensive Corporate Training experience and solid expertise in the areas of restaurant management, hospitality, cooking, and conflict management.

Private Chef
  • Menu planning
  • Cooking
  • Serving
  • Event management
  • Wine pairing
Event Organization, Catering & Consultancy
  • Menu planning
  • Buffet design
  • Budgeting
  • Event Coordination
Corporate Cooking Classes
  • Interactive live cooking
  • Teach recipes while tasting
Restaurant Consulting
  • Staff training
  • Menu design & optimization
  • Recipe optimization / mapping
  • Kitchen design
  • Waste management Systems
  • Inventory management systems
  • Supply chain

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+40 72 236 6289